Hello, and thank you for being here.

I’m a wife, a mother to two young children, a craft lover and a decluttering fanatic (those last two don’t mix too well). I live near a gorgeous rocky coastline and I drink fruit tea, but not as much as I drink coffee.

I also hallucinate and hear voices. This wasn’t always the case until I had postpartum psychosis after the birth of my second child. After many recurring episodes, I have been rediagnosed with atypical psychosis.

I see a lot of different hallucinations and I hear two distinct voices. Unlike many people with psychosis I am usually (but not always) aware that what I am seeing and hearing isn’t real. It’s OK. Or rather, I’m going to be OK. This is my space to record the times when my thoughts and memories weave themselves into the present moment, when I am fighting to stay present in the world I know to be real.

These are the stories of my everyday life.